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Our first harvest of wine grapes was taken from our third year vines of Vidal Blanc in the Fall of 2006. The fermentation is over and the wine is currently again in glass carboys. We're patiently waiting to give it a try. We probably won't be able to wait any longer than early fall...

To gain some practice and understanding of the wine making process, we are attempting to learn as much as we can and practice creating wines using wine kits. It helped as our first harvest seems to have been a success, so far. The labels below show what we have made to date.

2006 Vidal Blanc (label soon)
2006 Vidal Blanc. Our first harvest from our own vineyard. Due for tasting in the Fall of 2007, if we can wait that long!
Piesporter 2005 Piesporter 2005
A WineExpert Kit. Our first wine ever! And it was a big hit for both the dry and sweet wine drinkers alike. It didn't last long and all bottles were gone within a few months with several requests for more. Another WineExpert's kit. A much drier (though still a bit sweet) dark red wine, that is very fruity. Most who have tried it enjoy it nearly as well as the Piesporter.
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