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The nursery began in the spring of 2005. With all of the vines previously planted, during pruning time there was a large amount of pruned cuttings taken, predominately from the seedless Concord vines. Instead of throwing these out, they were planted in garden rows to see how they would do. As they began growing, they were fertilized and watered regularly. At the end of the season there were quite a few good looking vines!

We didn't have a need for this amount of seedless Concord so they were advertised and each was sold. As they were sold, each was dug up while still dormant, packaged and shipped. Each of the vines dug up had a very healthy and substantial root system on them. The ones I saved for our vineyard are doing as well as any commercially purchased vine.

With the success of this limited supply, in late winter of 2006, approximately three hundred cuttings were rooted and planted in rows for each variety. Each one was placed through a small hole in landscape fabric to keep the weeds at bay and each row is automatically drip irrigated. We sold out our supply with great feedback from our customers. We had more supply in 2007 and quickly sold out again. We are currently growing Vidal Blanc and seedless Concord. If you are interested in purchasing vines for 2008, please contact us and we'll make sure they will be shipped in the spring of '08!

Varieties available for sale NOW, Spring 2007
Vidal Blanc Seedless Concord
Vidal Blanc is a French American Hybrid used for wine. A cousin to Seyval Blanc, it makes a white wine with fresh and fruity characteristics. Normally made dry or just off-dry, even sweet wine lovers enjoy it! Similar in style and an alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Seedless Concord is a native American grape typically used for Jams, Jellies, and Juices, but can also be made into a nice dessert wine. It is a dark purple grape when ripened. Taste great right off the vine, and no seeds!

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